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Our focus has always been, and will always be, working directly with every customer through every step through the build process.


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We treat every customer like they are the only customer we have.



Evolution Homes standard practices include care and precision from the very first interaction.

Evolution Homes' Priorities

Evolution Homes’ priority is to always fully understand, appreciate and respect that your brand-new home build is one of the most exciting and significant investment endeavors of your life. You have likely been planning and dreaming for years of what the perfect home could be and Evolution Homes is very excited to be part of this experience with you and your family. 


We know that designing and building a home is a big undertaking. Our family owned and operated business works with you through each step of the building process, making your dream home a reality. We only use the best quality products, we offer the best quality customer service, and we are the builder who listens to their clients first. 


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Standard Practices

Evolution Homes’ standard practices include care and precision from the very first interaction to the final possession of your new home, backed by one of the best new home build warranties in the business. 


Building a new home does not have to mean a huge price tag. Our homes come in all sizes, and our attention to detail is visible in every home we build. When you love what you do and are doing it for people you care about, the final products always speak for themselves. 


You don’t pay extra for the best quality home builder; it comes standard with Evolution Homes. 


Two Storeys



A bungalow is a style of house or cottage that is typically a single story home that is suitable for most families having bedrooms, baths, and kitchens on one level.


Bungalows offer more privacy than most traditional homes, as they're low to the ground, and trees, shrubs, and fences can easily block the windows.


Bungalows will typically have larger basements with more development potential for rec rooms / entertaining.


Bungalows are also easier to maintain and are great homes for the elderly, or people with disabilities.

Bungalows are often one-story houses, although they often include an additional half story, usually with a sloped roof. Various bungalows, including raised bungalows with basements partially above ground to let in extra sunlight. Some bungalows branch away from the original definition by adding additional lofts and half levels. Standard features of the bungalow include a dormer window and a veranda.

Bungalows are small and easy to maintain and are great homes for the elderly or people with disabilities. They are also cost-efficient; heating and cooling costs tend to be lower, and the property value remains relatively high. Because bungalows occupy square footage than multi-story homes, they tend to allow more space for modifications and additions. They also afford more privacy than most traditional homes, as they’re low to the ground, and trees, shrubs, and fences can easily block the windows. 

On the other hand, bungalows tend to occupy a larger land area than their multi-story counterparts; since they don’t extend upwards, they take up square footage on the first floor. Initial costs are higher since they cost more per square foot, and they also require more material for roofing. 

Two Story Homes

A two storey home means two above-ground floors. This type of property offers a distribution of bedrooms on the upper floor and a kitchen, living room, and other day-to-day rooms on the main floor.

  • Cost less per square foot to build. That’s because the most expensive elements of home-building — excavation/foundation and rafters/roof installation — are being built on a smaller footprint. Plus, you’ll have less roof area to maintain.
  • Better views. When you are tree-height, your views of the property, neighborhood, and areas are better.
  • Larger outdoor space. Since you take up less land space for the house, you’ll have more of it for outdoor living areas. 
  • Privacy. The upstairs bedrooms are more private, especially if you build in a neighborhood. If you have children, you’ll appreciate the second-floor bedrooms feature when your kids grow into teenagers.


Cab-Overs are versatile, bright, and filled with light. Vaulted ceilings throughout the main floor make these homes feel more significant than their actual square footage, and cab-overs make great family homes. Cab-overs feature bedroom(s) on the main floor plus a substantial primary bedroom above the
attached garage, up just a short half flight of stairs. These primary bedrooms often feel like retreats and offer privacy with great views over the entire home. Big windows in the basement are another feature people love about cab-over designs.