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Custom Homes


A custom home project is where you work directly with your homebuilder, Realtor, and possibly your architect to design, plan, and select every detail about the home’s construction, layout, and finish from scratch.

Here's an example of the types of decisions you can expect to be responsible for if you choose to build a custom home:

  • The home plan and any floorplan modifications, including moving walls, adding closets, putting in vaulted ceilings, adding windows or doors, etc. Exterior materials like (brick, stone, siding)and deciding the locations to batten them all down.Building materials and finishes like hardwood floor brands and styles, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures — not to mention home energy efficiency levels.

We always make this process simple. This way, there are no surprises, and you leave knowing exactly how much your dream home is going to cost.


Semi-Custom home construction begins with an existing home design/plan. This plan can be
customized to suit your specific needs including moving walls, rooms, adding bathrooms, etc

Custom Homes